Does the Scripture You Know Prevent You from Knowing Jesus because of your close-mindedness?

The grace gospel message given to Paul by Jesus, when understood for what it is,  will revolutionize our approach to God and our its presentation to the people of the world. This is the message that turned the world upside down for Christ by the early Church and the same power is in the grace message today.

Peter Youngren was a minister of the institutionalized traditional mindset where He knew the scripture but did not understand the gospel, as are many out there today who are pat themselves on the back for knowing the scripture from a child yet fail to understand the scripture they know therefore, misunderstand the portion of the gospel they know as the totality of the gospel.

Youngren said and I quote; “It was a revelation to me when, after 25 years of ministry, I recognized that I didn’t know as much about Jesus as I thought.  Once I was willing to admit this, the floodgates of revelation opened and I discovered more than ever how the fullness of the Godhead bodily dwells in Him.  Jesus Christ is all and in all.”

Being of a closed mind will prevent you from understanding the revelation of the fulness of the gospel of Christ.


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