Focusing our Zeal.

Zeal for Jesus is a noble and good thing but, is boasting about our zeal for Jesus a noble and good thing?

Many leaders and congregants alike think it is. People are commended and recognized by their leaders and peers because of their zeal for Jesus. This may lead to an inflated ego and  boasting, this boasting may be by the zealous person or the or by their peers or leaders. Boasting about our zeal for Jesus is a form of boasting in our own greatness of being zealous for Jesus. If we boast in our love for Jesus we have the wrong focus. It means we are “self-focused” on our love for Jesus in our relationship with God by turning our eyes from Jesus and focusing them on ourselves.

It is when our eyes are focused upon Jesus and our boasting is in Him do we become “Christ focused” instead of “self centered” and instead of boasting in our love for Him we boast in His love for us.

As believers we must recognize that our boasting is not to be “self-centered by boasting on how much we love Him. Rather, our boasting is to be “Christ-centered” by our focus being on How much He loves us.

Once our focus is focused on His love for us, our focus will move from what we are doing and how much we are doing for Him and will be focused on what and how much He has done for us!

Let’s keep our focus on  the right person...JESUS!


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