Freedom from Trying not to Sin!

There is freedom from the sinful struggles we face in life but it is not in”trying not to sin”, it is in understanding His love and grace and it is living in His love and grace that frees us from our self-effort of “trying not to sin”. Living in His grace and love, we move from sin-consciousness  to Son-consciousness where the power of relationship with the Son enables us to resist the temptation to sin. With our thoughts on Jesus and understanding His love for us, the desire for sin looses its attraction and we begin to experience the freedom from sin that He accomplished for us by His finished work on cross

When we realize that even in the midst of our fallings that God was looking on us with love and not condemnation, it changes our whole outlook. We move from the struggle of trying to stop sinning by doing better, to the understanding that He wants us to stop trying and rest in His loving arms. He truly loves us, when we truly understand that, we love Him more and fall out of love with sin! Satan can't stand a believer who knows that they are loved by God no matter what they do, and even in the midst of their failings, know they are the righteousness of God in Christ!

God is not trying to get us to stop sinning, but to get us to just enjoy the relationship we have with him so sin will not have any attraction for us. He truly is in love with us! He delights in us and loves us.


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