God Loves you

Because of God's grace we are free in His love and living in His life because we are thoroughly forgiven through His forgiveness. That statement is only a fraction of what we have received through His grace. We are raised with Christ and seated with Him in heavenly places even while we are bound to this earthly realm. When we accepted the offer of Christ to enter into relationship with Him, His Spirit came into our very lives and and we became a part of His powerful life. We are now one with Jesus, He is here with us on earth, that causes us to be in heavenly places. Brothers and sisters, His feelings for people are feelings of love and affection and He sees us blameless because of His finished work.

We are forever the loved child of God. Therefore, do not live in fear as an unloved child because there is no loveless-ness in God. We are to be living proof to people outside of the kingdom of our loving God's unending kindness because we are His beloved forever. Our gaining of salvation and our maintaining of our salvation is accomplished by His gracious grace and His grace alone. It has absolutely nothing to do with our own efforts or our observance of man-made rules, it has everything to do with our gracious grace-or, our Lord and Savoir Jesus Christ. 
Jesus was given as a gift to the world therefore, so was the provision of salvation that we receive through Him. In light of this amazing truth...there is nothing... absolutely nothing that we can do to gain or boast in our doing to maintain, our salvation. It is only His unlimited love for us that provided such grace that is greater than sin!


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