Is the God we Understand the God Who God wants us to Understand?

Most of us believe, accept and understand the Bible, God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit and spiritual realities as it was told to us by the opinionated opinions of whatever religious camp we happen to be under. The problem with that is when we start explaining things based on the Bible it is easy to rationalize our interpretation to what we think it says based on what we believe in the light of what we have been told.

To understand spiritual matters we need Holy Spirit revelation not man’s opinionated religious opinion, for it is the Spirit that will lead us into all Truth. The greatest mistake of those who told us what we believe and subsequently our understanding in interpreting what we believe the scriptures say to pass on to others is, spiritualizing what should be literallized and literalizing what should be spiritualized! Man in all his wisdom has not the wisdom to differentiate what should be spiritualized or literalized.

Because we have believed and accepted our understanding of God based on what we are told we have been robbed of the Holy Spirit revelation of Who He really is. We have adopted a false understanding of Who He is, what He is like, and how He relates to us. The heart of our loving God is basically unknown, His purpose for us is basically unknown and His love for us is drastically misunderstood.

God is able to be known, desires to be known in a greater spiritual way than the Pharisees and the religious teachers knew Him in Jesus’ earth walking day. And it is in viewing God through Jesus, His express image that the Holy Spirit can make know God's loving heart.

It is sad, but all to true, man’s understanding, interpretation and acceptance of what we have been told has elevated our relationship with the Bible above our relationship with God and with people. We can know the Bible inside out, we can know it to the point of quoting it word for word, but if we have incorrect perceptions about God’s heart and God’s plan for humanity we will interpret it wrongly!

If we have already made up our mind that we KNOW Him and closed our minds to anything else, it is impossible to benefit from Holy Spirit revelation as we read and study the Bible.


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