Is the Grace gospel an OK to Sin Gospel?

The Grace Gospel of Jesus is not a OK sinning life living perversion that the law keeper gospel adherents so strongly accuse it as. It does not mean that we can freely indulge in the sinful nature without any consequences.

What it means that we have a new identity, we now have the nature of Christ which is not prone to sin therefore, we are no longer trapped by or a slave to sin. Actually is is only by His Grace that we avail of the power to not indulge in sin, for it is by Grace that He provides everything for us to shun sin.

Because of Grace the "sin-man" who led us to sinfully sin because of his sinning nature, has been condemned and put to death at the cross and we are given a new nature, the nature of Christ which is "Christ in us the hope of glory". If we crucify our selfish nature we will be controlled by His righteousness because we are being controlled by Christ in us. who is leading us in His ways and as long as we follow His Holy Spirit we will not give into sin for He will never lead us into sin!

The Grace Gospel assures that when we follow paths of our own making and and sin that sin is paid for by Jesus and God is not going to rein down punishment on us, but His arms are extended wide and His chert is open wide to receive us and woo us from sinning as we get back to following Him.


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