Keep Sharing the Grace, Mercy and Love of God.

Jesus’ Grace Gospel of Mercy and Love is being planted in the fertile soil of people’s hearts but, if you are among the few who have the courage to boldly speak the Grace Message truth, be assured of venom attacks from the fangs of the “super-saved” “self-righteous” people who think we are the spiritually uninformed “sub-saved, wishy-washy, lovey-dovey, gracie-crazy grace people.”

Stand strong grace-sharers, the “super-saved” “self-righteous” people are so important to, and so loved by God, for us to be wishy-washy about expressing the Love and Grace Gospel of Jesus Christ. We must understand that their traditional teachers teachings are so established in their mind as truth they are closed-minded, and this closed-mindedness prevents the Holy Spirit...God’s Teacher...the Spirit of Truth, from penetrating their closed-mindedness!

Their opposition to the Jesus’ Gospel of Grace and Love is due to their strong belief that they are contending for what is right without realizing that in doing so, they are resisting and refusing the accomplishment of Christ’s finished work on the cross and thus, hindering the Gospel Message of God’s Grace!

Keep them in your love and prayers as you live in God’s gracious Grace and His gracious Love, and continue to love them, God is LOVE therefore, LOVE will WIN because God has WON!


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