The Believers Cry.

The cry from within the hearts many believers today is; "I am frustrated, confused and disappointed because of what is accepted as Church today.

Many people are finding that simply going through the routine of going to work every week day, doing their own thing on Saturdays and going to their segregated local church on Sunday to get a Jesus fix to last them till the next Sunda
y-go-meeting, does not cut it. In contrast, the church in Acts saw dead people raised, all sorts of diseases healed, literally had their buildings shaken by the power of God (Acts 4:31) and got together daily to have fellowship with each other (Acts 2:46).

Is the reason for the sorry state that much of today’s church finds itself in, the destructive force called “religion”? Religion found its way into the post-cross Church almost immediately after the Church’s inception. This was mainly due to the traditions which had been propagated for centuries mainly by the pre-cross law keepers, and also by the Gentiles worshipping their pagan gods. After Peter’s first sermon where 3000 got saved, the church immediately begun moving in mighty signs and wonders by taking the gospel to the nations of the world and living in freedom, grace and love. They saw mighty miracles happen in their midst and had a burning passion for God.

Then along came religion with its rules, regulations and traditions and swept the world as we know it into almost 1500 years of what was known as the “dark ages”. Apart from a few exceptions, development in technology, arts, literature and science slowed down significantly, because religion doesn’t limit itself just to the influences all of society and engrains itself into all aspects of humanity.

During this period the religion battled for control of the biggest part of the known world and through sheer terror forced their ways and beliefs onto every person, from the least to the greatest. These wars or crusades as they were called, raged for a few centuries to force people to accept religion.

Religion veils the Grace, Love and Freedom that is ours as believers to maintain their hold and control over people to perform to its bidding.


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