The bench Mark for our Orthodoxy.

The ultimate test for orthodoxy in most religions today is frozen in the sixteenth century thought of brilliant men who nevertheless had theologies that made it possible to disobey Christ’s commands to put away the sword, love our neighbor as well as our enemies the way God loves us?

Why the benchmark of “orthodoxy” is confined to systems of doctrinal theology where people who hold to such theology fail to preach Christ crucified and risen in ways that keep Him central for both gaining salvation and maintaining salvation. Such theology allows for conversion and conformation without transformation and relationship to establish discipleship. 

Is it not a deep hypocrisy that we have found ways of preaching Christ crucified without crucifying ourselves, yet crucify others who don't go along with our system of orthodoxy?

When we keep the cross central to the understanding of atonement for gaining salvation, but refuse to accept the reason that there is atonement, namely the love of God for us as people, as not being central to living as a loved child of God in living out relationships with people, we fail to be viable witnesses of the Grace Gospel of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. 

Should not orthodoxy look like and be obedient to Jesus Christ, which simply means that those who claim to be in Christ should walk, talk, forgive and love as Christ would. Orthodoxy should always be marked by humble, Christ-like, cross-shaped love, and empowered by the Spirit that raised Jesus from the dead. Orthodoxy that is not like Christ is orthodoxy that has run-a-muck!

These religious barriers and the religious system’s conduct, practice and methodology compromises the true message of God’s gospel of grace! 

The compromising of the truth of the gospel makes it  irrelevant thus, it makes God seem irrelevant.


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