The Do Do's are not Spiritual Should Do's!

The do, do’s of the law keeping and the performance doing gospel of the pre-cross era are not Jesus’ done, done’s, of the love living, grace giving, gospel of the post-cross era! Therefore,  the do, do performance gospel should not be preached to people living on this side of the cross.

The law says do, do, do, do, Jesus says done, done, done, done, the great transactions done!

The law says work harder, Jesus says, rest in the finished work I have done!

The law says do and be blest, Jesus says, I have done it, therefore you are blest!

The law says, do to be accepted, Jesus says, it is done, I am in you and you are in me therefore, you are accepted!

There is nothing you can do to make God love you any more, nor is there anything you can do to make God love you any less!

The can do’s are not spiritual should do’s, they are just religious do do’s they want you to do to keep you doing because if people don’t do their do do’s religion would be done!

Because the do do’s are done done’s does not mean a life of inactivity for believers, we are to be doer’s in the faith, that means we are actively involved with Him as He is doing His doing through us.

The do’s are done with regards to our doing in order to gain or maintain our salvation...Rest in His DONE work and allow Him to do His doing as He works through us to build His Church to bless the community of humanity through!


  1. This blog really speaks to me, it tells me that God loves me no matter what decision I may make, He will continue to bless me and he will walk by my side no matter where I go he is there...but I do have a question what do you mean by "The law says work harder, Jesus says, rest in the finished work I have done!" do you care to explain?


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