The Good News is the Gospel is not Bad News.

Has the truth of the gospel, by in large, gone unrealized in its fulness, truthfulness and power? Unless people move into a relational understanding of what Jesus accomplished on the cross and by His resurrection people will continue to be short changed regarding the good news of the gospel of God’s grace, love, freedom and power provided through the gospel of Jesus Christ!

Some people give lip service to the gospel as being good news. They then preach and teach as if it is bad news...”God hates sinners”, “God will get you for that”, “disobey God and He will punish you”, “God will strike you with plagues and sickness if...”, “God is a angry God,” “God is a hating God” “God is a killing God,” “God is a revengeful God”, “You must have done something wrong for you to be in this state...repent and you will be restored.”

The fear factor, scare factor tactic of the judgmental actors may be a good motivator for cementing control of people they want to corral by keeping them living fearing God, but it does little to promote the reality of who God is...God is LOVE and perfect LOVE cast out all FEAR!

The Bible teaches that the Gospel is GOOD NEWS not bad news!


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