Workers of Miracles.

The adulation of faith healers by the miracle seekers, who give them the status of “great men of God”, giants of the faith, is such that they are accredited with being miracle performers. These circus stage performers perform in the spotlight where all attention is focused on their theatrics that spellbind the audience drawing their attention from Jesus and on what the preacher-tainers are doing.
Their staged miracle working performance is what attracts the spiritually weak minded following to support the preacher-tainer’s insidious, insatiable appetite for recognition, fame, power and money.

Miracles do not happen so that attention seekers can manipulate with manipulative precision the unsuspecting, uninformed people into the deceptive deception that permeates their lifestyle.

When Jesus worked miracles He did not seek the spotlight in the circus ring of theatrics. Jesus was not demonstrating what God Himself can do, but what God can to do through man! Jesus is our example, the example of humility and devotion to God. Nowhere do we see Jesus using the theatrical deceptions of the miracle performing deceptors.

Jesus miracle working works were works of God working through Him because of His love for His Father and His love for people, not a love for attention, fame and money!

To the authentic, God honoring, Jesus respecting, people loving saints of God through whom He is working the working of miracles...God bless you.


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