Are men Morons?

I am sure most women, on times, believe they are and maybe they are justified in some cases to come to that conclusion.

But sometimes women act as if the world has come to an end over frivolous issues that doesn't mean a roll of beans. For example, if after the man gets a cookie from a container and they go to get one, the cover is not completely sealed to them it's a major event. . 

Sometimes their reaction to the man not putting the dinner bowl that she left out on the counter for him to get His supper from is left on the counter instead of being put in the refrigerator results in a remark on the mindlessness of men. 

Other times when she goes to the garbage container and it is full because of the trash deposited by the man, yet he did not have enough sense about him to remove the garbage to the trash as His being lazy.

These are all things that we as men should be cognitive of. But, because we sometimes fail to cary through on the expectations of our spouses, does that mank us idiotic morons with no more intelect than the knuckle-draging apes of the forrest that men are protrayed as on TV screens today?

Any ideas as to what you think makes a man manly?


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