Are there Good and Bad Aspects in Knowing the Bible?

Knowing the Bible without knowing God is futile for spiritual growth. It leads to self-righteousness, and standards of conduct to be adhered though external obedience which is then recognized by the Bible Knowers as being spiritual.

One problem with Bible School learning is people waste our time trying to solve theological issues that men who were probably much wiser and better educated than we are, yet have been unable to solve the same issues in some 2000 years.

Different theological seminaries have professors whose theological beliefs differ from one another based on their indoctrinated doctrinal philosophy. Yet, they all maintain their particular theological persuasion is the right one. Some of them may admit they are not always right, yet they act as if they are never wrong!

You see, most, if not all people are theologians to some degree. A theologian is a person who has opinions about the nature of God and we all do in one way or another. It is a system of theory and beliefs that are systematically developed and is subject to the acceptance to new theology as when Augustine assimilated Roman ideals into Christian theology. The problem is most of our opinions are based on our knowing ABOUT God instead of our KNOWING God. A theologian that does not know God is like a person in a dark room trying to find the door knob on a door when no door is there.

Would it not be better to spend our time developing our love relationship with God to know God, so we in turn would love people the way He loves people by allowing Him to formulate our theology rather than the denominated man instituted learning facilities that cater to the instruction of their interpretation  in passing along Bible knowledge?

To KNOW God and to LOVE as He loves would override the need of theological deciphering because we would move in and by His Spirit unhindered by man-made theological theories!

Would that not be more effective in accomplishing God's plan for humanity than propagating the theologies of man?


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