Are we hearing to much of the written word and to little from the Living Word?

To many “church goers” sit and listen to the written word from the wisdom of men without listening to the Living Word from the wisdom of the Holy Spirit.

This over-saturation of the written word and under-saturation of the Living Word leads to self-righteousness pompous attitudes that justifies people to load up their spiritual cannons with out-off context scripture verses and use the scripture as cannon balls to fire at people who do not believe the way they do.

The fleshly tendency, after being inundated with the written word without experiencing the Living Word is that the pew-warmers sit back and become a "discusser" of the written word without living the reality of the Living Word!

You can sit and share about all the great meetings you've attended, the famous ministers you've chased after and can even report about all the supernatural things you have personally observed, yet you know not what it is to live in the Living Word and have the Living Word live in you.

You are not spiritual because you have a wealth of bible knowledge. You are spiritual because you abide in the Living Word and the Living Word abides in you.


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