Do you consider yourself a failure...take heart!

God has no expectations set for you to be accepted by Him, nor is there any failure that you may succumb to that will move Him to reject you!

In our relationship with God we are to be so infused with and in tune with His Spirit we rest in Him as He does His work through us. Anytime we claim to be doing His work because we are the instruments He uses is a shame, but it is still done by people who seek fame. We are not to claim fame to spiritual success that God does through us mere mortals yet, Christendom thrives on the so called “spiritual elite”, “God’s generals”, “celebrity preachers” and “spiritual do gooders”.

God knows me, He knows you…He knows those who have claimed fame because of His name and He knows that all people apart from Him can do nothing in and for His Kingdom.

We don’t have to prove ourselves to God. We don’t have to be concerned about disappointing God. We do not have to obey the law to earn His respect. We don’t have to perform to deserve His blessings. We don’t have to work harder to be accepted, in fact our acceptance is not based on works at all. We do not have to produce a quota of attending church services, prayer times, Bible readings or witnessing endeavors. We don’t have to be successful in the way that spiritual success is measured by the systems of Christendom.

Like us, Peter was a failure. He miserably failed to understand the plan of God when Jesus told Him and He opposed Jesus by telling Him He wasn’t going to the cross in Mat. 16:22. He slept when he was suppose to be praying. He almost started a brawl in the garden when He cut of the soldier’s ear.  He repeatedly said that if all the other disciples forsook Jesus, he would die for Him…yet that very day he denied Jesus three times. Peter was a miserable habitual failure.

Do you feel like a failure? are you disappointed in yourself? Are you discouraged in your walk with God? Are you at the end of your rope and about to let go of the knot you are hanging onto? Are you burdened down with a life of difficulties, sickness, marriage problems, family problems, does it seem that your Ship of Hope has done sailed away and left you spiritually forlorn?

Take heart, you were born for a reason, God has placed you in His kingdom and the pain and failures we experience is also experienced by Jesus because He will never leave us or forsake us. Hold on, we will understand the why of it, and the joy that awaits us is indescribable even though it may evade us now. 

Don’t lose HOPE!


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