God is Love and He can be Trusted Explicitly.

Our inverted understanding of love and trust and implying that misunderstanding to God, is why people view Him as controlling, demanding and even abusive if we fail to prove our love and pass His test to confirm our love is genuine.

We have been led to believe that God’s blessings are dependent on our trustworthiness and to question what we are taught as theology and doctrine was to question God Himself and that exemplifies that we don’t trust Him and that renders us untrustworthy.

That philosophy leads to the performance mentality that is so prevalent today in Christendom where proving our love for God, and assures He can trust us is based on our performance. This thinking is indicative that we have fallen for the deception that our trustworthiness and our believing that God is trusting is proven by our adherence to and our support of what it means to be a “Christian” in Christendom by obeying the rules set by the hierarchical hierarchy of the different systems that are out there. We are deceived into believing that for God to love and trust us we must earn His love and trust which attaches a conditional element to His love.

Our view of God is so clouded by man-invented theories we are unable to fathom God as having a loving and trusting heart because so many of us have been blackballed by fellow “Christians” for something we did or did not do that was against the regulatory constitutions and bylaws of the particular system they belong to. The moment we step out of line, we find that “godly” people show ungodly actions toward us and the shaming and condemnation begins.

This action makes it easy for people to make assumptions about God that is based on the ungodly actions of “godly” people that are false. This causes people to conform to the idea that God acts the same way as the actions of Christians. Christians close their hearts doors to people who do not agree with their theology and doctrine or who anger them because they believe God is.

When we hold to the belief that we cannot approach God with confidence and boldness we are insinuating that doesn’t trust us. We then succumb to the performance trap in order to prove our trustworthiness, we are showing that we believe that His love and trust is something we earn.

This performance earned love and trust lends us to focus on what we want form God, and if we get what we want we trust Him, if we don’t we don’t trust Him and we form the idea the He acts that way too. If He gets the behavior He wants from us then He loves and trusts us.

We have failed to understand that trust is not based on whether we get what we want from God or not, or we do what we are expected to do or expected not to do. Trust is not a outward manifestation of the flesh, but an inward condition of the heart, and the heart of God is trustworthy, and He trusts you even though you may fail to prove that trustworthiness to whatever supposed godly group you belong to!


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