Is a writing invalid because it lacks scripture verses?

Some people, when they read prose that does not contain verses from the written word, consider the writing as not having any spiritual merit even though Jesus the Living Word is who the writing elevates beyond the institutional interpretations of the written word. The myriad of interpretations out there that people hold to, though they differ depending what camp's interpretation they agree with, is one reason I do not populate my writings with an overabundance of the written word, instead I prefer to honor Jesus the Living Word that is drawn from the written word about Him.

Some believers are put more trust in the written word  (`the letter') and end up having the righteousness of the law and the blessing of the institution, rather than Jesus the Living Word the author and finisher of our faith. Other people however trust more in the Living Word and desire the Living Word to be manifested in and through them, and thus end up having the righteousness of God, the divine nature.

Some people justify their actions by quoting the words of the written word with the applied interpretation of some human they consider to be a great man of God. Other people however, never seek to justify themselves before men by being in agreement with their biased interpretation of the written word, instead they are concerned with Jesus the Living Word, living in and through them demonstrating the power of the Living Word rather than the verbalization of the written word that is powerless unless it is infused by the Living Word.

Some people are more interested in institutional opinions and approval rather than in God's opinion and blessing. Other people care only about pleasing God, no mater what written word passages are pulled out of context to refute the Living Word...Christ Jesus.

I fail to understand why people can meditate for years on the words of praise that some "celebrity spiritual guru" spoke concerning them. Other people, on the other hand, like Jesus, refuse to receive testimony from men, (and just to make this writing legit for some people, here is a bible reference to check out), (Jn. 5:34).

We need to realize that some people fail to admit the corruption that is within themselves, therefore, are blinded to the fact, that the praise or condemnation of men is worth less than nothing.


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