Jesus Planting or "church" Planting

Western Christendom in their missiology is focused on planting and building churches and the more churches they plant and build under their chosen denominational flag is accredited, by their hierarchy, as helping to fulfill the great commission and a means of making disciples. This philosophy makes people dependent on institutional systems as their source instead of Jesus, the Source Giver ...the question is, who are we to make disciples of, a denomination or Jesus? The focus in Christendom ought not to be focused on planting or building churches, but to plant Jesus and let Jesus build His Church and work through His Church while be 100% dependent on Him.

If we planted Jesus, the seed of the gospel from which it has grown, for the purpose of extending His Kingdom...instead of planting denominational churches to make disciples of denominations to extend institutional influences, Jesus would build His Church and the fruit will be changed lives of people who live out their faith together as a community of believers, living out the true meaning of Church within the community of humanity.

The purpose of a fruit bearing tree is not just to produce fruit, its purpose goes beyond that. Within the fruit is found the seed of the next generation. Christ in us is the seed of the next generation. The difference this seed can leave in the soil of peoples hearts is significantly more valuable than planting the seed of denominationalism in people's heart. As well the fruit of the gospel goes far beyond getting people to accept and enter the community of the redeemed.

The difference Jesus the seed can leave in the soil of people's heart is of magnanimous benefit, we leave behind disciples who are in relationship with, and under the Headship of Jesus, instead of a relationship with and under the headship of a denominational system. A people who manifest kingdom living, and kingdom living goes far beyond event-driven-meetings. Kingdom living is not what takes place in eveny-driven-meetings one day a week behind four walls...kingdom living is to be lived in living life and life living is not what happens in building called churches.

The mission of believers is to develop Christ followers rather than institutional followers. There is a difference between the two. The difference is seen in transformed lives that bring change in people's lives. Simply gathering a group of people who subscribe to a common set of denominational beliefs is not productive spiritually, neither is it worthy of Jesus or the sacrifice He made for us.

Yes, people are to work with Jesus to accomplish His purpose by Jesus working through them. It is different when people try to get Jesus to work with them to accomplish their purpose.


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