Stagnated at the Well of Doctrinal Infusion.

Stagnation at the information well of doctrinal infusion by the indoctrinated seminary graduate is not a characteristic of believers who are on a truth seeking relational journey with God through Jesus.

Learning from the well of doctrinal infusion produces theologians and experts in the man-made doctrines and the theology of a particular belief syste
m. They in turn parrot what they have been programmed with to further influence people to accept their particular belief system. The truth they teach is heavily laced with doctrinal hogwash (man-made doctrines) that they have been infused with at the stagnate well of learning. Unfortunately this mixture of man-made doctrine mixed with truth makes the truth an untruth. 

The characteristic that is predominate in us as believers, that indicates spiritual growth in our relational journey with God is the ability to be open to change and to change when it is shown that it is needed. Change is good when it is in the right direction. Changing our thinking to conform with the ways of Jesus rather than stagnate with what traditionally has been accepted as right indicates that we are traveling on our spiritual journey of truth, rather than projecting that we have arrived at the apex of truth by becoming stationary at the well of doctrinal infusion and performing the performance of spiritually.

In order to be a true representation of Jesus in this earth realm we must be subject to CHANGE


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