The Goodnes of God has Given us the Grace of God!

God is good, He sent His Son to give us a revelation of His goodness, for in His humanity Jesus was the express image of His Father. We know what God is like because of Jesus His Son.

We are no longer distant from Him, we no longer need to be scared of Him or ashamed before Him. It is no longer necessary to qualify ourselves to be able to relate to Him base on our own ability, strength or our faithfulness. Rather, through a glorious act of His grace, His, love, His faithfulness our new covenant is based on Hid divine strength and His limitless ability to be faithful to us, even when we are less than faithful to Him.

We have entered into a relationship with God that is not dependent on our doing the do's but on His perfect doneness by His perfect sacrifice. How stress releasing is it to know that the relationship we are in with the living God is not only based, but is also sealed with the blood of Hid precious Son. Jesus  paid the complete price on our behalf so that we could now partake of all the benefits of His perfect finished work. 

He has given us an awesome gift, which is nothing less than His gospel of grace...the good news that God has now established His very own nature within us. Such is His amazing grace. Grace is not a word to be bashed around and ridiculed by those who are believers yet, discredit His grace message without the understanding of what it is. It is not just a nice word, nor is it a theoretical, no, no it is a living reality. It is God alive in us, at work in us and His work working through us. Grace is God's divine power of love enabling us the strength to not give in to the sin nature.

Rejoice that we are established in His gracious grace. The gospel of grace, mercy and forgiveness in essence is the gospel of His unfailing love so graciously imparted to us.  


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