The Gospel for Today.

I quote, William R. Newell: “You can judge any man’s teaching by this rule is he Pauline? Does his doctrine start and end according to those statements of Christian doctrine uttered by the apostle Paul? No matter how wonderful a man may seem to be in his gifts and apparent consecration, if his gospel is not Pauline, it is not the gospel, and we might as well get our minds set
tled at once on that point.”

“For instance, if you were to take Paul’s Epistles out of the Bible, you cannot find anything about the Church, the Body of Christ, for no other apostle mentions the Body of Christ.”

“Would that we had grace to defend just as vigorously this great message today, FOR IT HAS MANY ENEMIES, and even real friends who do not yet see it clearly; and there are others, who like Peter (Galatians 2:11), THROUGH FEAR OF OTHERS, ARE READY TO COMPROMISE and tone down the gospel of God.” End quote

Another quote by Dr. H. A. Ironside that is revelatory and important for those who discredit the God’s gospel of grace.

“Peter never preached the mystery of the Body so far as the record goes. That was a special revelation to Paul.”

“The Mystery of the Church, as the Body of Christ, was never made known in Old Testament times, nor yet in the days when our Lord was on earth. The Divine method of making it known was by a special revelation to the apostle Paul. It was a ministry committed unto Paul to pass on to the saints:”

“Paul was the chosen vessel to whom alone the mystery was given, to set it forth.”

“That a doctrine so clearly revealed in the Scriptures could have become so utterly lost is only to be accounted for by the Judaizing of the Church.”

“Now if the Mystery be for those who have faith to obey, it is certainly of vast importance that every child of God be instructed as to its true character.”

“A sacred secret never known to mankind until in due time opened up by the Holy Spirit through the apostle Paul.” “It was not hid in the Scriptures to be brought to light eventually; but we are distinctly told that it was hid in God until such time as He chose to manifest it.” “This was not UNTIL ISRAEL HAD BEEN GIVEN EVERY OPPORTUNITY TO RECEIVE CHRIST, BOTH IN INCARNATION AND IN RESURRECTION.”

“The mystery formed no part of the previous dispensations. Paul learned it not from the former Scriptures, but by direct revelation from the Lord Jesus Christ in glory.” End quote.


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