The Storm within a Storm.

None of us are immune to storms along the journey of life. Why some people seem to to spend most of their time sailing in storms while others have long periods of sailing in smooth waters, I do not understand.

The people who are constantly in storms are prone to fighting the rough waters of the storm within a storm whose winds assail them at the time the outer storm is at its worst.

This storm within a storm we face on the sea of life is the storm of doubt! We begin to accuse God for punishing us for what we might have done wrong. We accuse Him of not caring and has His face turned from us. If He is aware of what we are gong through He is callus, distant and cold. In the storm of doubt we accept the drudgery and sink into discouragement and despair. We become so overwhelmed some people give up on God.

God is higher than the storms. He's kneeling their on the hills of Sea of Life. And just like God's eye is even on the smallest sparrow, so too Jesus the Savior of the world has his watchful eye on that storm tossed waves you find yourself in. That offer much comfort as you fight the storm.
Jesus told His disciples to go over to the other side of the sea of Galilee and He would meet them there. He has a plan that the disciples know nothing about! But pretty soon they will likely be wondering, "Why did he send us out onto this lake with such wind?"

But Jesus sees the wind too. After a few hours, they've made it about half way across the lake. Hours of straining on the oars and now they point the boat into the waves to avoid death! And Jesus, who could have come to their rescue, right away doesn't come! In fact, it's not until hours that Jesus miraculously comes over the waves to save them! Why didn't He come sooner?

In the storms of life we feel that way too.  In the hardest times of our lives, in the greatest struggles, it often seems we're all alone! We feel God has abandoned us. We're tempted to give in to despair in our personal lives. And some of us give in to drudgery of the life we live. Giving up on God, we're tempted just to live for small pleasures, without God at our side! We give up on God's purposes. Our tank is empty of any desire to to continue on with God.

Sometimes, we can even feel as if Satan’s supernatural involvement in what we're going through, is greater than God’s because of the pain and agony we are experiencing. Or like those wearied disciples we're unsure of the spiritual realm. They thought Christ coming to them was a ghost, some powers of darkness. And we may feel that God's work in the storms of our lives is only as an angry God getting back at us!

But scripture provides a different picture when we are sailing through the storm of doubt. They show us where Jesus is? More importantly, what is he doing? He's above the storm praying for us with all wisdom and all powerful love! Not only is He above the storm, He is right there with us going through the storm, but we are in so much pain and doubt we cannot feel Him but our faith preservers.

Hold on my child, the storm will end, morning will come and peaceful waters are ahead.

Never, Never, Never give up!


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