There is a freedom in Christ that most people have not experienced.

The freedom of not being told how and what to believe.

The freedom of not being told how to interpret the bible.

The freedom of not being told that God is a angry God.

The freedom of viewing God through the lens of Jesus rather than the lens of traditional understanding.

The freedom of accepting Jesus as the Word of God who has all authority, as more authentic than the translated by men bible being held as the word of God with all authority.

The freedom of living in God’s grace and love rather than living in how His grace and love is perceived by others.

The freedom of associating with, congregating with and loving sinners and sinning saints rather then shunning them.

The freedom of accepting my faults and failures without the fear that God is going to punish me for my bombing out.

The freedom to believe that I can do nothing to make God love me more, nor can I do anything to make God love me less.

The freedom that I can be me without having to adhere to rules and regulations of people to be a part of their organization and be known as spiritual and still be accepted by God.

The freedom of realizing that what I have been taught by the system was taken straight from a book written by some “theologians” who they consider to be bible experts in theology and bible interpretation.

The bible is interpreted in light of what theology theologians believe rather than allowing the scripture to formulate what they believe.

I thank God for the freedom of believing the only true knowledgeable, infallible, inspired Theologian is the living WORD...JESUS! 


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