Who or what Identifies you?

To have an identity there must be relationship with someone or something. Without relationship there is no identity!

Without identity we know not who we are therefore, people will establish relationship with practically anything to know who they are and be known by others.

How do you determine your identity? By your appearance, by your dress code, by your profession, by your friends, by your social club participation, by your response reaction, by your class distinction, by your religion and by so many other ways.

The problem is that when we let the above determine our identity, we succumb to the opinion of others to validate our identity. Look good...“Wow...your beautiful” or, “Your conceited” etc..

People’s opinions are a shaky way for us determine who we are. Professional Preachers provide a good example of this. Be a great orator, a good communicator, hold a master of divinity, hold a hierarchy position, and people will consider you a spiritual elite and roll out the red carpet for you. Then again, if you do not please the people by giving into their expectations and instead be a Jesus person by loving people the way He did, without positions as He was, without trying to gain recognition by affiliating with a particular denomination for distinction and people will likely treat you as a nobody or an heretic as they did Him.

There is only one sure way to determine your true identity that will not be shaken, one foundation that cannot fail, to build on that foundation will fortify your identity for ever: “You are child of God.”… If God were to introduce you around His kingdom would He say: “This is Pastor Jimmy of the pentecostal denomination: This is Superintendent Bobby if the baptist religion? Would He say: this is Glenn the paranoid, manic-depressive schizophrenic”? I don’t think so!

When He introduced His Son He did not mention His name, He said...“This is my beloved Son in whom I am well pleased.”

We are the sons and daughters on God. He does not identify us by a perceived status, an elite position, Pastor so-and-so, Bishop so-and-so, Father-so and-so.

No! God would say, “This is my beloved son, Glenn”, “This is my beloved daughter Julie”!

Let’s let our relationship with Christ establish our identity, for that is our only true identity!

By the way....To be identified with Christ is the only identity that counts with God....The identities that society or religion identities us by is meaningless in the Kingdom of God.


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