If we Approach Scripture with a Wrong Understanding to Renew our Mind, is that Renewing Valid?

If we renew our mind by what we read, yet have a wrong understanding of what we read due to traditional influence, or we interpret what we read in light of wrong believing, we are still living in deception as to the correct understanding of what we read. This leads to our accepting of that deception as truth. When we teach that deception as truth we are responsible for teaching untruth as truth that will be accepted as truth by many people seeking truth.

This is the reason why the Bible, though the best selling book of all time, is the most misunderstood book of all time. Men lift scripture out of its contextual context to validate man-made doctrines in order to give credence to their choice of religious belief.

However, when rightly understood, the Bible (the written word about God) points to Jesus the “Word” of God, the savior of mankind, and when Jesus is the avenue through which the Bible is interpreted and when we subject our misunderstood understanding to His illumination, His revelation of truth in the written word becomes much more clearer because the “Spirit of Truth” is our teacher and He is not hung up on traditional man-made concepts!


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