Religion Stifles Truth Seeking Truth Tellers.

 The religious world is opposed to truth seeking and is somewhat hatefully opposed to truth-tellers if the telling of truth reveals their unscriptural man-made traditional doctrines and practices that segregate them into segregated buildings of isolation called "churches".

The verbal attack, judgement and condemnation by religious traditionalists is done, (by their claim), in the love of God for the protection of Godly doctrine and the traditional orthodox belief that they have accepted and believed for centuries as right...therefore those doctrines must be right.

Because of the intimidation perpetrated by traditional religionists towards truth-tellers who try to share revelatory  truth, many would-be non-traditionalists remain silent and subdued, not wanting to be subjected to the humiliation, judgement and condemnation of the "elite" religious system.

Because people behind the pulpits of "churches" across the land are controlled by the hierarchy of the denomination they  belong to, there are few outlets for truth revealing, regarding the deception of religious doctrine and practices.

There is one outlet they have not stifled as of yet...the "internet". Avail of it to spread God's Gospel of Grace and Love, His good news to humanity.

The people of the world need to know the truth. Truth empowers people to rise above the intimidation of the religious zealots and break free of the bondage that religion imprisons them in. Without truth, the deceptiveness of religion will keep the Body of Christ, His redeemed community, ineffective in the kingdom of God and it will remain in the darkness of religious deception.

Truth-tellers are not against people caught in religious deception. The fact is, it is out of a love for God and a love for them and their freedom that they tell the truth of the good news of the Gospel...that Jesus and Jesus alone is the way to God...not Jesus plus religion. 


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