The Body of Christ “The Church”

The Body of Christ "The Church".

The Body of Christ...the redeemed community of God in the community of humanity has nothing to do with the churchanity of segregated denominated churches as being the representative of the Kingdom of God in the earth.

They are but schismatic examples of unified division. They are unified divisions of people of the same religious persuasion who are segregated from other people of different a religious persuasion in segregated buildings that isolate them from each other as the unified Body of Christ.

Paul or any other apostle were not “church planters” in the sense that some claim and continue to do today by sending “apostles” out start denominated “church buildings” that segregates the people of God into faith camps. In fact, Paul vehemently denied any taking an prat in the schismatic divisions at Corinth. Every religious group that is identified by a denominated building called church is promoting schism within the Body of Christ and is a hindrance to the unity of Christ’s body that He desires and prayed for.

These name-tagged entities known as churches exist, primarily, for the purpose of distinguishing themselves from other denominated religious organizations based on doctrinal beliefs and to indicate to the adherents by the name-tag that they are more biblical correct because of a purer understanding of bible interpretation. But Paul, was grateful that He preached only Christ and Him crucified. Paul was a CHRIST planter, not a “church planter”. It is not recorded anywhere in scripture that he ever went anywhere to plant churches in the sense that it is promoted in the “segregated buildings of worship” today.

The Body of Christ does not exist in the organizational, hierarchical structural sense that religion promotes it. There are no positions of authority in God’s Kingdom on earth. But Jesus called them to Him and said, “You know that the rulers of the heathen lord it over them and that their great ones have absolute power? But it must not be so among you. No, whoever among you wants to be great must become the servant of you all, and if he wants to be first among you he must be your slave—just as the Son of Man has not come to be served but to serve, and to give his life to set many others free.” (Matt. 20:25-28).

The Church exists only to the extent that Christ dwells in the hearts of born its born again people. If we are going to use the word "church", we should use it in the correct a “people word” not a “building word”. The Church our Lord is building does not have an entity separate and apart from the people who make-up the Church itself.

The denominated religious organizations of our day do have such entity. They are, every one, man-made and man-ruled and man-agendaized-performance-driven-institutions. The true Church is one. It is not parceled out among over a myriad of denominated segregated organizations in different buildings called churches.

In the early Church Believers in a given locality were referred to as the Church in that region and the word Church had nothing to do with an organizational entity. Believers in localized areas assembled in the name of Jesus, but they did not assemble as the corporate like-faith representation of an organization, meeting in denominated “church buildings”. They were simply Believers meeting together in the unity of a common love for Jesus and for one another to exhort and edify one another, and that's what should motivate us to assemble. The assembling of the early Believers were participatory. They allowed for every participant to engage in building up one another to love and good works. Their assembling was not a spectator event-driven-meeting where the agenda and performances of the chosen performers were observed and applauded. Although they may have met in different places because of space, their assembling was to promote was Christ and Him crucified for the purpose of edification of the Body as a whole, not like the edification of the denominations in their denominated building today. They did not promote denominated religious organizations.

If you can come to “it” do "it", join "it" by becoming a member of “it”, be booted out of "it" because of disagreement in doctrine, leave "it' to join another version of "it", pay money to "it", work for "it", be appointed to "it", be voted into "it" be paid by the hierarchy that runs “it” fight over the color of the carpet in "it", pew "it", program "it"or denominate "it", you won't find "it" in the Scripture.

The Scripture speaks of Christ membership in the physical body, in the sense that unites us as one because of him being in us, but never speaks of "church" membership by joining different denominated faith groups because of particular doctrinal doctrines. The building blocks it speaks of are not corner stones in the foundations of buildings, pulpits on performance stages, or the denominated buildings that constitute a corporate entity, but rather, they are the redeemed community of the Lord, made up of all believers, living stones placed by Christ in a Spiritual building of which Christ Himself is the Cornerstone.

Paul's only ambition and promotion was Christ, and so should it be among united Believers today.

Instead of promoting the denomination of our choice, why not in unity, promote “Christ” in His “Church” as a witness to the world that we are of God.


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