Are we Guilty of Diminishing rather than Increasing Jesus?

John the Baptist said; "Jesus must increase while I must decrease" (John 3:30). Yet today we have leaders and preachers promoted to positions of power and prominence that are the envy of CEO's of secular companies. Pastors have become "Pa-star" celebrities. The walls of their palatial homes, offices and edifices are filled with memorabilia of themselves and their accomplishments.

It would seem that these pa-stars and the people who consider them celebrities are doing what is in their power to increase their "spiritual idol" at the expense of Jesus' increasing! Instead of spending time in God's presence to know God so His Holy Spirit can work through them, much time is wasted begging the pew-warmers, couch-sitting TV watchers and the revival-go-meeting attenders to give money so their work, which they call God's work, so it will continue. What we need to do is prostrate ourselves before God and ask for forgiveness and strip off the power-hungry elitist attitude and tear away the spiritual veneer that has encrusted our souls, allow the Holy Spirit to penetrate and become real before God and man.

We live in a spiritual depleted religious society void of a move of God simply because we are content to live without it. In the West we now have lots of money and positions of power but, no spiritual honey or Holy Spirit power to give to a paralyzed world. The song in our hearts is is singing our praises rather than the praises of Jesus, there is little desire for God to do His work through us, instead we want Him to bless the work we conjure up and do, call it His work and take the credit and praise for it.

I wonder...if the world had more Mother Theresa's and less celebrity preachers, if the world had more of Jesus' disciples and less of religion's institutional disciples would the people of the world see more of God in action? 


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