Who were Jesus' Harshes Words Addressed to?

Jesus' harsh words were directed at people whose self-righteous judgmentalism and condemnation were directed at other people.

To those Jesus directed His most severe words were to the self-righteous religious-know-it-alls, the judgmental condemning Pharisees and Sadducees...those who did not see themselves as sinners but rendered that charge to everyone else that did not keep to their religious pattern.

He characterized such people as "blind leaders of the blind," "hypocrites," "fools" living in their folly, "white washed tombs on the outside" but vile on the inside "a brood of vipers" snakes ready to spread their venom and "children of the devil" carrying out his deception. Such is the way Jesus saw the hypocrisy of the religious elite who kept His children in bondage.

Notice to whom Jesus showed the most kindness and compassion. Sinners who were involved in immorality of all types such as, prostitutes, adulterers, tax collectors, and thieves and to people who were sick and hurting some of which was brought on themselves because of sinning. Jesus loved the sinner out of his sin, should we not do the same.

Blindness to the self-righteousness of our own religious self-righteousness makes it easy for us acknowledge that Jesus responded to the self-righteous more severely than those we accuse of being "real sinners" without applying this standard to our own self-righteousness...which would mean applying it to ourselves. 

Is it possible that we are guilty of "making people "more a child of "hell" than we are ourselves" as the bible indicates because of we have screwed up the gospel by making God in our image by believing He believes what we believe rather than believing what He means for us to believe?


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