How do you view the Church?

The people of God need to view the Church from a different perspective. People need to stop seeing the Church as a building to go to and perform certain rituals in on a Sunday for two hours. Church needs to be seen as people identifying with Christ and taking on His identity in daily living. Church is not about the rituals of religion, is is about relationship with Jesus. Sunday-event-driven-meetings are more about the verbalization of doing, but seldom translates into the action of accomplishing. 

The scriptures declare that the Church is the salt of the earth. Now salt sitting in a salt shaker will never accomplish the action of salt, it only acts as salt when it is out of the shaker and unto what it was intended to come in contact with to activate its salt action. Only then is it purposeful.

Institutionalism has kept the Body of Christ inside a salt shaker called the Church that has prevented the Church from being the Church in action in life living!Church does not happen within the four walls of a building...believers have to get out of the salt shaker and become the Church in action by working with Jesus in the community of humanity to establish the kingdom of God in their hearts.


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