A Follower of Christ.

Being a believer...a follower of Christ... a member of His Body...a member of the community of the redeemed; 

Is not standing for "Christian causes" by boycotting  against some "sin".
Is not about attending gospel meetings to hear the preacher preach.
Is not following the promptings of the pastor or the worship leader.
Is not being the preacher, teacher, or member of the hierarchy.
Is not performing miracles for God in the name of Jesus.
Is not about how well you know and quote the Bible. 
Is not verbalizing the correct spiritual verbiage.
I​s not repeating the correct faith formulas.
Is not about the giving of the tithe.
Is not striving to keep the Law.
Is not of any self-effort.

Most of the above can be done by people who want their ego feathers stroked while making for themselves a name so they can be looked upon as being spiritually important...all the while denying the power of of the Gospel by being involved in "another gospel that is in reality not the Gospel. Many who do such things will hear from the Lord. "depart from me I never knew you". 

Being a believer is resting in the finished work of Jesus on the cross and being empowered with the same resurrection power that raise Christ from the dead and living  that empowered life daily in the community of humanity meeting the needs of that community.


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