Absolute Truth.

When made-made religious institutions purport they have the absolute truth about God and His desire for humanity, as history reveals, gives rise to evil doings performed in the name of God for the sake of God, with the blessing of God.

That doesn't mean that there is no such truth as absolute truth, it means that absolute truth is not man's prerogative to determine, it is God ordained. What ever man believes to be absolute truth is more than likely to be somewhat different than what God has ordained as absolute truth.

Charles Kimball put it this way;
“We have to be very, very careful as human beings when we begin to appropriate ... that notion that when we think we have God in our heart ... [we] know what God wants ... for everybody else. Then I think you can show historically that you have at least the potential for a disaster waiting to happen because you can literally justify almost anything at that point.”
It is precisely that kind of thinking that allows religions to interpret the scripture in light of what they believe rather than letting the scriptures and the person of Jesus to formulate what they believe.
This reasoning allows the Bible to be used to justify and back up just about anything religious. This is nothing short of "Bible Abuse".


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