Are you Enjoying your Relationship with God?

A problem in Christendom is that too many people are controlled by  the sins they have committed in the past or the sins committed in the present. This controlling influence is hindering you from an intimate relationship with God preventing you from resting in His love and grace. This mentality is a product of religious influence that maintains we have to measure up to man-made standards that are presented as a means of acquiring God's forgiveness and maintaining our relationship with Him.

Did you know that much of the Scriptures were written by murders! Yet you feel inadequate and condemned by your sin. I am safe in saying that most of you have not killed anybody. Therefore stop beating yourself on the head because of the traditions of rule and regulated religion.

Moses killed a man while in a livid rage. Yet he wrote the first five books of the Old Testament.

David killed a woman's husband because he wanted to hide the fact that he had sex with the man's wife. Yet He wrote the longest book in the Bible.

Paul killed multiple believers because of his religious beliefs and religious pride. See Acts 26:10-11. Yet he wrote two thirds of the New testament.

How does your sins stack up against theirs?

It is not our sins that stops us from enjoying our relationship with God, it is believing we are disqualified because of our sins and therefore God does not love us.

This religious mentality is projected upon us by people whose sins are as great or greater than ours, but are hid behind a religious façade of self-righteous holiness.


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