Following Jesus outside of the establishments will cause you to be misunderstood.

You would think that believers, of all people, would understand your desire to know God intimately and to follow in His footsteps without their subjecting you to judgemental criticism, ridicule and treating you has an heretic because you question their long held doctrines.

More often than not if you are going to pursue Jesus you have to be prepared to do it alone and be prepared to live a life of being misunderstood, shunned by former friends, talked about in a negative way in your yearning  to reach out to someone who will at least listen to your ear. You will sense that there is so much more to you then others comprehend even though the real person you know yourself to be, remains unknown. The desire to be "genuinely authentic" about your self and your beliefs is shunned and ridiculed by the religious mentality of the people in the religiously accepted system. 
It is ironic that the very people who claim to know and love you are the people who isolate you into the prison house of rejection, for no other reason than you see God vastly different than the version of God they teach. These people try to intimidate people by fear-mongering and making you feel inferior to the point where you take on a inferiority complex resulting in being guilt laden and use it as a means to try to keep you in the deceptions that you want to shed a holy light on. Their attitude is sit tight...don't rock the boat by asking questions, go with the flow and be a part of the show, our beliefs are biblical, our leaders are bible trained and are in-tune with the Spirit, so sit back and enjoy the ride don't be concerned about spiritual matters we are here to help you see it our way.

Remaining in such an environment will hinder your desire for more of an understanding of, and a more genuine relationship with God will be stifled if you fall prey to inadequacy and a sense of worthlessness.

For a sustained intimacy of your relationship with God and your wanting to go deeper with God there will come a time when separation from that which is holding you back from becoming what you were created to be will have to be realized.


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