How do we stack up as UNITED members of God's family?

I am inclined to believe that Jesus did not design His family...his called out ones...the community of the redeemed, to live in family segregation by congregating...because of ,"like minded beliefs"...into different denominational boxes called churches with no family support to or from the different "like minded beliefs" of family members in ...other segregated boxes.

The underlying purpose of the body of Christ is to share Christ in the community of humanity, become intimately acquainted with people that God brings across our path in daily living by showing forth His goodness in our living kingdom life and fill the earth with His glory.

The community of called our ones, as God's family, is one of God's greatest masterpieces of creation, in that He established family members through the bloodline of His Son that would otherwise not be family members. Thus, the segregated segregation of people into isolated boxes is a blatant disregard for the unity togetherness of God's family that Christ prayed earnestly for in John 17:20-26.

The purpose of God's people is not to construct buildings called churches to box in like minded people to stew up some denominational doctrinal stew to ratify the religious institutions hunger for power. God does not dwell in temples made with "hands." His purpose is for us, His family, to be the temple in which He dwells so we can show forth His goodness, love and compassion that is in our hearts to the community of humanity, and whose purpose in assembling together is to encourage one another to good works as He works through us.

The construction of man-made temples to house God has restricted God-Consciousness in their presence. God is regulated to a building call church; the walls of which restrict the outsiders view of Him, and restricted the purpose for the members of His Body to function outside of the four walls of the temple made with hands. It also prevents the insiders understanding of the scope of God's purpose for the community of the redeemed in the community of humanity due to a misunderstood misunderstanding of God because of the different man-made boxed doctrines taught.


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