Religious Relational Concept Misconceptions regarding the HOW of being Engaged in the Doings within Relationships.

Some of the intimate relational practices that have been reduced to mere ICONIC relationship practises believers engage in that gives them the satisfaction of performing their spiritual relational duty are;

Bible Reading.

To relegate such relational realities to ICONIC practices does not establish relationship reality with God or with people, further more, it leaves a false impression on people as to the function of these practices by the community of the redeemed in the community of humanity. 

Take praying for instances. We are led to believe that the longer and harder we pray, the more people we can get to pray, the better the chance of moving the hand of God to answer the prayer as if God were saying; "come on man get another 10 people to pray, pray for another 2 hours and I will answer". God is not moved by numbers or time.

This manner of praying and the performing of the other relational duties listed above is rendering the beauty and the reality of such intimate relational doings to being ICONIC-ALLY performed. This ICONIC, RITUALISTIC, MECHANICAL, RELATIONSHIP destroying practice needs to DIE and it is up to you as an individual to kill it it your life.

When we get real in our relationship, where we understand God's purpose for His community of the redeemed in the community of humanity, it is then we will see how ARTIFICIAL our ICONIC practices of being relational really is. Instead of the ICONIC practising of such beautiful expressions of relational relationships, we need to attend a funeral and bury the dead practice, so we can live the reality of the doings in daily living.

To practise the relational concepts above out of a sense of religious duty, without entering into the living of its reality is making the doing of them ICONIC.

Quite the noise of religious participation so you can hear the still small voice of God calling you out of artificial ICONIC engagements that we have adopted as the right way of being relational in our relationship with God, into the reality of living in the beauty of meaningful ministry unto Christ daily.


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