What is Jesus building?

 It's Sunday morning, the pa-star arrives at the church early as he has for the past twenty years. Members are arriving right on time as they have for the last twenty years. They find the same padded pew to sit in to watch and listen as they have for the last twenty years. They are all smiling as if they didn't have a problem in the world.

 The pa-star takes centre stage behind the sacred desk, his presence dominates the service. The saints sit, stand and sing on cue from the pastor. The offering basket is passed to collect God's "tithe", the children leave for their own service as the offering hymn is sung. The pas-star begins the main event and starts to preach, he sees some people looking around, others are falling to sleep while others seem preoccupied thinking about something else. He prays the closing prayer as the rank and file, file out.
 He wonders to himself, is this the reason Christ died? Is this really God's plan for humanity? Is this the Church that Jesus said He would build? Is this repetitive repetition Sunday after Sunday, Church reality?

 If believers comprehended what Jesus meant when He said He would build His assembly of called out ones and come to an understanding as to His plan for the community of the redeemed in the community of humanity, they would know that His dwelling place is not name tagged buildings made with hands, nor is the events that take place within them, nor is it His purpose for placing living stones in the community of the redeemed He is building
Believers would also realize that what He is building is not religious organizations with its man dominated control and authority to ordinate seminarian graduates and place them in the function of pastor, Jesus Himself said that He would distribute the gifts. This action on the part of denominated entities shows a lack of trust in Jesus to do what He said He would do.

 Every member of the Body of Christ is distributed gifts apart any ordination by the hierarchy of some denomination who will be the elite spiritual person to whom God speaks through to inform the “laity” of what God desires for them. These gifts are distributed by Jesus to every member of His community of the redeemed so that everyone's participation contributes to the working community for His benefit and not an organizations benefit. The gifts He distributes does not vary in importance as to set up some sort of hierarchy structure to rule over people of like beliefs and form a denomination. No, no one's gift is more important than the another therefore, no member is more important than the other. Everyone is involved in the community of the redeemed, involved in its work to ensure a healthy maturing of each member of his body to accomplish the reason why Jesus gave to each a gift...to become mature in Christ.

 Can we see now that church buildings, denominated groups, professional clergy, Sunday-go-meetings and what takes place in them, is not what “church” is all about. It is about life living, and living that life daily in the community of humanity ministering to their hurts and needs.

 The times of assembling together is where everyone functions in the gift God has given them for the building up and encouragement of the body, including the pastors whom he has given that gift to from among the body do their pastoring.

It is a time of one-anothering.


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