Accepted We Are.

Our acceptance by the world, secular or religious is based on our performance in meeting the expected expectations of the systems.  Isn't it amazing that our acceptance by God is never based on our performance or the meeting of expected expectations. God's AMAZING GRACE accepts us as we are and who we are based on what He did...not what we do. We are accepted because He is love, and because of His love for us. His acceptance of us is freely given and not something to be earned by our performance to exceptional standards.

Jesus' finished work on the cross is God loving us, forgiving us, embracing and accepting us. His resurrection is empowering us, equipping us and releasing us in the community of the redeemed to saturate the community of humanity with Hs love. 

Don't fret, we are loved by God, He is not angry with you...disappointed in you...frustrated with you...forsaken you...or upset with you because of your short commings and failures. He does not turn His back on you in disgust when you slip and fall.

We are accepted as the Beloved of God, because of the Beloved of God (Jesus), into the Beloved of God, (the community of the redeemed) to show the love of God to people in the community of humanity who unaware that they are loved of God or have been misinformed by others that God does not love them.

There is nothing you can do to make God love you any more. Also, there nothing you can do to make God love you any less.

Accept it, settle it, rejoice in it, live like it...GOD LOVES YOU


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