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I question that within Christendom if the understanding regarding the plan of God for humanity is too short-sited, narrow-minded and limited?

I don't think the problem within Christendom regards the view that Jesus Christ is central to God's plan for the human race. It is that the religious world is under the illusion that along with Jesus Christ, religion is also a big part of God's plan, and without the religious system the plan of God for humanity would fall apart because of the belief that religion is the mechanism God has chosen to make Himself known to man. But that kind of thinking is an illusionary delusion of the religious illusionists, for God's plan for humanity needs no human effort to fulfill it therefore, no human effort will  defalt it. God initiated His plan for humanity without human participation and will bring His plan to fuition despite man's rebelious religious intervention. 

Along with the belief that religion has a part to play is the idea that God's plan is limited if not thwarted by man's "freewill" as to whether or not he is cooperative with God's plan or not. Though Jesus has died and risen again to secure salvation for every human being, they see see God as trying His best through human instrumentality to right the wrong that has been caused by sin. Is man's "freewill" so powerful that it can stop God's plan for humanity if man will's not to participate? Does man's "freewill" have that knid of power?

There is a compelling problem that causes me to question the validity of that way of thinking. According to the creation concept as to the beginning of humanity, man has been on the scene for some 6000 plus years. Thus far the vast majority of mankind has lived and died under the influence of sin that has affected mankind ever since its entrance in the earth through Adam. 
A perplexing question, at least for me is, what about the millions who have died, and are the multitudes that are still dying without ever hearing the gospel or about Jesus, condemned sinners who have gone to hell? If so, was that a part of God's designed plan for humanity?

If all humanoids are born sinners becaues of origanial sin and all sinners go to hell, then it follows that all people who die without accepting salvation go to hell?

Does that mean that the multiplied millions who have died without the priviledge of a book called the bible because no copies are written in their language or they do not even have a written language, or who have never had to opportunity to hear about Jesus, are in hell? Does it mean that the millions alive who are in the same boat today, go to hell when they die?

Does it mean that all babies...who, if the religious consensus is correct are born in sin, thus they are sinners...and die while a baby are condemned sinners and go to hell?

Are people sinners because of original sin as the orthodox traditional understanding would have us believe?  Or, have we missed something because of our acceptance of the traditional belief system has allowed a cloud of distortion fogging our understanding of the scriptures when it comes to God's master plan for humanity?

The fact that all of us have sinned and come short of the glory of God is not in question, the question is, is man born a sinner?

Your thoughts are welcome.


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