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We should be aware of the fact that the Bible is not an irrational nonsensical book that teaches nonsense. It does not teach that God breaks our bones when we sin (Psalm 51:8). It does not teach that broken bones rejoice (Psalm 51:8). It does not teach that our sins are purged with hyssop (Psalm 51:7). It does not teach that babies speak and tell lies as soon as they are born (Psalm 58:3). It does not teach that men go back into their mother's womb (Job 1:21). And it does not teach that the makeup of human beings is sinful as a result of being born condemned sinners (Psalm 51:5). These are all figurative expressions, and to interpret them as being literal, is to teach nonsense and is contrary to the contextual setting of the scriptures as well as the reality of how God made us. The bible is not a book that should be used to prove "man made" doctrines. It is a book that when understood and interpreted through the lens of Jesus reveals to us the character of God.

The nature of sin, the nature of justice, and the nature of God are such that it is impossible for men to be born sinners. Sin is voluntary act. Is it a sin to be born in a particular geographic location? Is it a sin to be born red, yellow, black, red or white? Is it a sin to be born Protestant, Catholic, Jewish or Muslim? Is it a sin to be born at all? No, because we have no choice in the matter of our birth as to where or who we will be born to. Our birth, and everything we are and have at birth, is out of our hands and none of our doing. Sin is "not" matter. It has absolutely no material or physical properties. Sin is an action, and so it is impossible for it to be passed on physically. Sin is a choice we make. Newborn babies are not choice makers, people living with impaired brain function are not responsible for their condition. They do not know the difference between right and wrong, and so cannot be accountable. A child has no moral character at birth. Sin is personal and non-transferable. No man can sin for, or be made guilty of, the sin of another man. Moral character, guilt, and accountability are non-transferable. Ez. 18:20, Deut. 24:16.

God's righteous  justice makes it impossible for men to be born sinners. Is it possible that the infinitely just God could cause men to be born sinners and condemn them to hell for the sin of Adam? Can the perfect justice of God permit Him to impute the guilt of sin to the innocent or punish the innocent for the guilt of another? Is it really possible that innocent little babies open their eyes are sinners under the wrath of God, condemned to the torments of hell for the sin of Adam? Our whole logical reasoning revolts at such an idea. Yet this is the diabolical doctrine that is taught as orthodoxy truth in Christendom!

This doctrine makes every couple that is responsible for conception and bringing children into the world responsible for populating "hell", by bringing them into a world where they are born condemned sinners and for some reason or another fail to recite the "sinners's prayer, ends up in some hell, not to "perish", but to live eternally in continuous torture. Wow...does this show God as the loving, caring and merciful God that He is?

This doctrine portrays God as a cruel and unreasonable and tags couples who are responsible for bringing babies into the world as the same. It represents Him as Condemner who delights in sending men to hell for a nature which they received without their knowledge or consent, and with which He Himself created. According to this doctrine, millions of people have been born into this world with a sinful nature and have lived without ever hearing the Gospel; they are sinners simply because of the nature with which they were born, and then they have died and gone to hell without a chance to be saved. What a diabolical slandering this doctrine is upon a loving, grace giving and justful God!


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