Grace Thrashers.

Thrashers of the Grace Message of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ who promote that it advocates believers to indulge in a life of sinning is irresponsible judgementalisn, and stems from a perceived notion that believers lives are  to be governed by rules and regulatory commitments  by conforming to some standard of measurable attainment to  be a believer in God. 

It boggles  my mind how law keeper believers come to the conclusion that sinning is okay after hearing that we are forgiven in living in Grace, and that God will never leave us or forsake us when we fall short. You have to wonder what’s in the heart of law-keepers when living in sin and sinning are the first thing that comes to their mind when offered security in in their  relationship with God. It indicates they are controlled by sin-consciousness rather than God-consciousness. 

God has provided a better way for believers to live living in His grace and love by being led by His Spirit.

But if you are led by the Spirit, you are not under the law. (Gal 5:18)

This verse gives no indication that being free from the law means that we can practice sin?  But, people reading the bible for rules to obey come to that conclusion. The Believer's life is not about adhering to rules; it’s about a relational relationship with our  loving Father. So whenever we read a command in the New Testament, its keeping of it is not to maintain our place in God, it is an example of what a living life can be when we are engaged in an active relationship with our Father. We will walk around in love automatically as the fruit of the Spirit flows out of us to the world around us because He is doing His work in us and through us


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