Knowing God.

From the advent of man it is apparent that mankind has had a desire to know and understand God. Many different things has been focused on in man's search for God including, the sun, stars, trees, mountains, rocks, seas, bears, wolves and of course religion.  

Some people view God as a far off Deity who is unapproachable and separates Himself from life on earth and is known through some belief, tradition, theology or doctrine. 

Other people view God has a law giver and a moral enforcer who takes pleasure in punishing the law breakers and moral degenerates by natural disasters, calamities and sickness and if that doesn't cause people to change, He will dam them to eternal punishment. Some people even think that God has badged them to be the defenders of the faith.

There are some people that by a delusional delusion are of the opinion that they themselves or some other person is God.

But all of these ideologies are delusional and not reality...they are figments of someone's warped imagination.

God, being God, is beyond man's finite comprehension and understanding. We cannot know God unless He reveals Himself to us. Thus He sent Jesus who is the express image of Himself.

Colossians states "All the fullness of God dwells in bodily form." Scripture also tells us that "Jesus is the express image of His Father" and "if we have seen Him we have seen His Father."

Therefore, it is impossible to know God by our own ideology, our religious beliefs, or even our Bible attempt at its interpretations of God by making Jesus the person our interpretations understand Him to be. God says that, "His ways are not our ways and His thoughts are higher than our thoughts", thus, correct understanding of God must be revelatory.  If we make God to be what our finite mine understands, we are portraying a Jesus other than the Bible Jesus.

To get a understanding of God we have to begin and end with Jesus because the scriptures declare that "before Jesus, NO one knew God" therefore, any understanding of God, Jesus must me central. Jesus is God in the flesh, it is through Him that we know the characteristics of God that He wants us to know. 

It is Jesus who shows us that God is compassionate, merciful, kind, forgiving and loving.  On the cross Jesus shows us the amazing love of God for people by taking upon Himself the sins...past, present and future...of the people of the world and gracing mankind with His Amazing Grace.


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