Stand Alone If You Must.

People who are members of the community of the redeemed and growing in relationship with Father will hunger for relational assembling with other members of His community. It will not be something obligatory as in attending what is called "church" event-driven meetings, rather, assembling is His gift to us to provide encouragement and fellowship for His community.

It is paramount that the redeemed  commune with each  other and share spiritual life together. This does not mandate the attending of event-driven meetings at specific times where it is believed that Church happens. 

People are to live in Jesus, then watch and see how He brings His body together. As believers it should be our desire to intentionally walk together as an expression of Jesus in His community of the redeeme...hearing and listening to Father together, sharing their lives and resources, encouraging and caring for each other and being involved in His work by Him doing His work through us. When we learn to follow Jesus ourself and help others to do the same, we'll find body life springing up all around us.

Obligatory expectations are only necessary when our relationship is ineffective and lifeless. When people are living in the life of Jesus, they will treasure every opportunity to connect with other brothers and sisters who are also on this journey. It will not be something they have to do, but something they wouldn’t ever want to live without doing. 

People worldwide are finding their desire for God overriding their disire for anything else that is set up as a means to godliness because it only adds to their dissatisfaction. As they keep their focus on Him they mature in Him,  they also find themselves alongside people who are travelling the same journey.

We are to focus on God's Grace, even when it creates conflict. Always be gentle as a dove and gracious to everyone, but never compromise God's message of grace just to get along to be accepted. Yes, it will cost you some of your Law-Keeping friends, it will be a lonely journey on times, but the freedom that comes through grace is well worth it.


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