Another Gospel that is not the Gospel.

Some believers come from a Sunday-go-meeting service proud to say that the preaching was awesome...."the preacher let them have it with both barrels." He did not hold back regarding sin, he said; "God hates sin and he is angry with the sinner because of his sin...repent or burn in hell fire for eternity."

The irony with such preaching is that, such a Gospel is NOT preaching the GOSPEL because it is not talking about GRACE.

Yes there is a consequence for sin...but, the GOSPEL is God's answer to the problem of sin, not the punishment for sinning by the mouthing of fear tactics by the fear mongers. Scriptures tell us that is is the "kindness" of God that leads to repentance, not the "threat of hell fire".

Paul's understanding of the Gospel and Grace is that they are one and the same by his use of both words.

I marvel that ye are so soon removed from him that called you into the grace of Christ unto another gospel. (Gal 1:6).

Notice that the Gospel clearly is “the grace of Christ”, by his inference, not preaching Grace you are preaching another gospel!

Galatians was written to the Body of Christ in Galatia to establish the grace of God.

The Gospel is good news. Grace in its entirety has to with what Jesus did for us that is totality based on what He has done and not what we can or should do. Our good doing and “ self-righteous holiness” do not earn or maintain our salvation. We have do away with this dependence on self.

It’s sad to say, but much of what is called the Gospel today is actually promoting trust in self and religious identities, rather than trust in Jesus.

That gospel is nothing other than a "false gospel!


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