Christ Living in Us.

God's desire is NOT for His people to live in guilt, fear and condemnation. Those who capitalize on and instill fear, guilt and condemnation in people, though claiming to be God's child, do not know the Father heart of God. Once you as God's child know in your knower that fear, guilt and condemnation does not come from God, but from people who are under the deception and influence of Satan that attribute such to God.

As a believer your life was never intended to be based on man's ability and self-righteousness, but on God's righteous ability to fill you with Himself, which then enables you to live life as a believer in a beautiful relationship with Him. Through fellowship with our Father, our character is transformed from the inside out and we begin to manifest the fruits of the Spirit.

We as believers God's need to expand awareness of God's presence in us, His love and compassion within us and by His grace live that all men will see the revelation of the mystery of the Gospel, in that it is "No longer I who live, but Christ who lives within me".

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