What About the IF'S and THEN'S?

The IF'S and THEN'S of the Law-Keepers gospel...IF you do this, and this and this and the list goes on...THEN God will do this and this. The emphasis is put on your DOING, then you have God's undivided attention resulting in God will DO the DO you want DONE. This carrot on a stick deception does not work with God.

God is not dependent on your DOING to motivate Him to DO what He wants DONE, nor to do what you want DONE. This was the system God chose to relate to people before Jesus came and fulfilled its requirements and instituted His Amazing Grace as the way of living in relationship with God. With the advent of Grace and Truth that came by way of Jesus Christ through His finished work because of His death and resurrection, a new and better way is invoke. This new and better way requires none of our DOING to gain and maintain a relationship with God in order to get Him to DO what we want DONE.

Jesus has fulfilled the Law and our relationship with God is totally His DOING. How we humanoids can come to the conclusion that we can control God in His DOING by performing to the DO'S and DON'TS of religion, shows how delusional we are and how much we still depend on the pre-grace way of relating to God.


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