Fleesing the Flock.

"If you do not pay your tithe, you need to question your salvation" said the preacher while delivering a sermon.

Any pulpit manipulator who tells you that without your tithes and offerings the church would die is feeding you lies of deception, for Jesus is not in need of your money to build His Church. Now, the Institutional, denominational, cultural church that man has built...WILL...without your money cease to exist. This should alert you to the certainty that the "institutional church" is NOT the Church that Jesus is building. God is not so poor that He depends of your money to build and maintain His Church. God does not and never has needed your money. Your preacher and your denomination needs your money to keep the religious wheels turning!

Sharing the Gospel is not dollar dependent, not back in the year 01 AD or in the here and now. The Church of Jesus Christ is spirit filled PEOPLE dependent, living as the community of the redeemed, the called out ones. It is simply sharing Jesus to the across-our-path people that will listen. This was and still is, the purest form of spreading the Gospel and it does not require your money!

Constantine did the religious world a great favor by building buildings for believers to congregate in so as to have some sort of control over them. It was a great disservice to the Body of Jesus Christ in that it became the norm for believers wherein today believers do not know the answers to the how, where, what and why of the Church.

Because of Constantine the Church has become so money dependent, it can barely survive off 75% of the money it takes from the people. The ironic part about it is that the majority of the overhead has nothing to do with sharing the gospel at all, but it has everything to do with keeping the religious wheel turning, maintaining church buildings preacher's excessive lifestyles!

The business of doing church and maintaining church buildings has nothing to do with Jesus building His Church or the sharing of the Gospel!


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