Important questions for believers to ponder.

Am I growing in my freedom to approach God without shame and guilt?
Am I free from judging, condemning and criticizing?
Do I trust God with the injustices in life?
Do I let go of my illusionary attempts at manipulation and control?
Do I trust God enough to hear from Him for myself or do I seek His direction through religion appointed men?"
Do I work with God rather than work for God?
Am I a law-keeper or a grace-giver?
Do I scare the hell out of sinners with the threat of hell-fire or do I love sinners into God's Kingdom by loving them as God does?
Am I free to be who I am in God or am I in bondage to conform to man-made philosophies?
Am I resting in God's acceptance of me or am I trying to gain His acceptance by striving to do the do's and not do the don'ts of man-made religion?

Choosing to move on the correct answer to the question by believers will yield the fruit of peace and rest in their life, no matter what circumstances they may face.

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