An Honest Look at How the Bible Came About.

Is the belief that the Bible, widely used in religious circles is a compilation of writings that are in its totality divinely inspired by God, is the "WORD" of God, and is to be used as a rule book to follow and obey if one is to be a believer and live a authentic christian life?

Bible people rightly believe that God is all powerful and all knowing. Along with this truth is the belief that God does not normally interfere in the daily lives of people's living because He has given mankind a free will to decide between good and evil. Because of the free will belief, man has the ability to disobey God at will. Man also has the ability to do evil things therefore, they need laws and rules to be obeyed in order to be good that are structured by God Himself. I would dare ti bet that there is not one segregated denominational group that contests that human beings are fallible. Yet, for some reason they believe that all humanoids who were involved in translating, forming and canonizing the Bible, did not make one single mistake in it's translating and editing because they were "divinely inspired." Because the only infallible person that ever lived is Jesus it not probable, because humans are imperfect and often make mistakes, evidence that the bible may be imperfect as well?

I believe that God divinely inspire the original manuscript, but I do not believe that the word of mouth hand-me-downs and the manuscripts that the Bible were translated from and written by fallible men were inspired...the manuscripts used were not even copies of the originals, they were lost and never found...there is a strong evidence that this work was edited and changed by humans in order to support people's own belief system and power structure.

The Bible is the written word of God that points to "The WORD" of God, but it in itself is not the "WORD" of God...JESUS IS! The WORD that is TRUTH is JESUS, not a book that fallible men wrote and compiled. In our day you cannot even get seminarians from the same seminary or people in like denominations to agree on every thing in the Bible regarding its can it be possible that men from different walks of life, from different positions in life, and from different religious beliefs, influenced by a King and the religious hierarchy who wanted to hold unto the element of control over the people, come up with a perfect, unadulterated translation of scripture known as the Bible?

Call me a "quack" if you like, I maintain the position that no human is perfect. It is without question that the Bible, as we know it, was written by imperfect human men who were not inspired by God, they were inspired by the King and the religious hierarchy. There was more than enough opportunity and reason for human influence from people such as Constantine, or the people who instituted the council of Nicaea to alter and edit the translation work to make the Bible more palatable so as to maintain control over the common people who were ignorant of, and they wanted to remain ignorant of the scriptures, and still believe what they were told to believe by religious leaders... news flash...sad to say, that same mindset is predominant in clergy and pew-warmers today as well.

The Bible contains errors of omission, errors due to word manipulation, and errors in translation because of the human fallibility of the people that produced and compiled the work. This fact does not diminish the importance of the Bible as the source of its correctly intended value of knowledge, history and information for believers who are willing to follow the leading and teaching of the Holy Spirit instead of the fables of men who interpret the Bible in light of what they believe, to maintain control over people and to manipulate them for religious or personal gain.

View the Bible through the lens of Jesus instead of the lens of religious leaders and you will get a truer perspective as to its truth in your interpretation of it.

Do not partake in Bible Idolatry.


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